Forrester’s Agile Metrics and DevOps Metrics for Software Quality

Download the Forrester report
Scaled agile and DevOps change the game for software testing. It’s not just a matter of accelerating testing—it’s also about fundamentally altering the way that we measure quality. For Agile, we need to test faster and earlier. But DevOps demands a more deep-seated shift. The test outcomes required to drive a fully-automated release pipeline are dramatically different than the ones that most teams measure today.
Tricentis commissioned Forrester to evaluate current software development and delivery priorities as well as key metrics tracked throughout the software development lifecycle. Download the report to learn:
  • What 5 core Continuous Testing practices separate Agile/DevOps leaders from laggards
  • How Continuous Testing practice usage & automation varies across leaders and laggards
  • Where automation has the greatest impact on DevOps success
  • About the dangerous “risk blind spot” in most organizations
  • What quality metrics are most valuable at each phase of the delivery process