Why manual testing creates a bottleneck in SAP environments

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It’s estimated that 8 out of 10 SAP users are still dependent on manual testing as their primary form of testing. Is your organization still reliant on manual SAP testing?

Watch our webinar, Why manual testing creates a bottleneck in SAP environments, to learn how to break through the barriers created by manual SAP software testing - where even the smallest application changes can have a far-reaching and disrupting impact on your extended business processes.

Speakers - Paul Gerrard, systems testing thought leader, and Anand Akela, VP Product Marketing, Tricentis.

Learn more about:
  • Ensure end-to-end testing across your key business processes
  • Accelerate SAP testing times and improve overall quality
  • Automate testing for multiple generations of SAP technologies
  • Secure more than 80% business risk coverage for your key processes
Paul Gerrard
Gerrard Consulting Limited
Anand Akela
Vice President, Product Marketing